Mother's Day


Dining is only partly about food. Much of the dining experience is about who you're with. This is especially true on Mother's Day, one of the largest booking dates for OpenTable.. By focusing on real people's stories of connection around family and food we created an integrated brand campaign that drove strong direct results and delivered a memorable brand expression.



Through interactions at home and in a restaurant authentic stories about mother, child and food through are conveyed. The importance of those bonds and reinforced and we see how those bonds can be attained around the restaurant table.

This concept hinged on careful casting and concise visual storytelling that would come through in 15 second social videos. Longer form videos, photo based media and written content were also used to push the campaign to all marketing channels.


Creative Direction: Nicholas Kasimatis
Copywriting: Jenn Schmukler
Directors: Chelsea and Andy Moynehan
Photography: Brad Torchia
Producer: Aïcha Doucouré